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Why does this wraith
Haunt me
And stalk me
Tearing at my soul
With filth encrusted claws
Whittling away
At the nub
Of my sanity
Lurking in my shadow
Stalking every step
Seeping in
The cracks of my mind
Filling every thought
With doubt
And every hope
A poisoned well
Twisting every passing idea
Innocent and pure
Into inhuman monstrosities
Dripping with sinful venom
Visions of massacres
And bleeding razor blades
Bittersweet cum filled dreams
spurt their way
Into existence
Dowsing my eyes
With lust
and discord
Visions of both sexes
Fucking my mind
And every blade
Is opium laced
Appealing to my flesh
Every cloud
Lined with coal
Foreshadowing imminent doom
As this ghast
Suckles at my heart
Draining me of life
And strength
Til nothing is left
But a husk
Of what I was
Just another depression poem... write too many of them, I know. But oh well... easy cum easy go. I want to dedicate this one too affirmation... he seems to understand me alot and that is cool...So this one is for your man. Enjoi.
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fetalexplosion Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2003   Writer
I like
'visions of both sexes fucking my mind'
and yeah, i've gotten my fill of dark poetry lately but this is pretty good
smokedragon Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2003
You've done an excellent job illustrating the feeling of being pulled in several directions at once (including down) in here, and the resulting drain, and the stark images drive said emotions straight through the heart like an ice bullet. I know how it is when all that seems to want to come out is depressing...I've been that way a lot lately. Just remember that expressing it is a lot easier on your mind than leaving it unnamed and viciously circling inside. Just keep expressing...something different is bound to come along sometime and then you can express that too:) (Smile) Feel better.
backwords Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
I like the name you gave it =) (Smile)

depression poems are fine,
it's all i know how to do at least.
affirmation Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
Aww. Thankie.

Poem is good. Cum filled dreams however..
aenim-a Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003   Photographer
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February 26, 2003


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